Innovation is important to the advancement of society.

Human societies have always innovated, in the sense of constructing new artifacts and organizational forms to address perceived challenges to and opportunities arising from their current way of life.

At the modern day, innovation is the new normal within the richest societies, a new form of innovation dependence arose and established itself. This dependence was tied to a particular way of viewing the socio-technological world.


Our mission is to Empower the next innovations.

We invest up to $50k in startups at seed stage and earlier, to help founders build companies from scratch. The package includes:

Core values

We live our values.

Our core values guide our strategies and individual actions.


Innovation is an ecosystem of attitude, mindset, culture; and it helps making the world better place.

At Dwarves, we work together to make significant positive changes that lead to breakthroughs and support foundation of economic growth.

10xBe bold and build with purpose in mind
CuriosityBe bold and build with purpose in mind
Problem SolvingBe bold and build with purpose in mind


Dwarves deeply understand there would not have been the first baby step of Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon if there had been no great collaboration of countless number of people.

Our first step landing on the peak of the hill to the mission is not much different from the Neil Armstrong's first step.

The Armstrong's first single step makes we believe in teamwork. There is no individual on a team who is more important than the other. It is the unity that brings about success.

AutonomousAgile at its highest form
CollaborationBring joy and optimism to work
Action nowThe power of alacrity
Remote OKWork-life balance


Sustainability is the key driver of Innovation and it appears in every aspects of our works and our life. The Dwarves was built to last.


We do the right thing with heart, efforts and dedication put into every piece of works

QualityWhat we do, we do well
Continuous LearningOwn and learn from mistakes