Dwarves Ventures, Fund 1

Announcing the official launch of Dwarves Ventures

Ngoc Truong

It all started back in 2019 when a handful of tech people came under the name of Dwarves Ventures, with the sole mission was to give force to makers and hustlers.

In a span of over 2 years, we tested multiple models of investment with 8 portfolio companies. We did make quite a lot of mistakes and questionable decisions, but they soon enough became the guiding light for us to arrive at a structure of investment most beneficent for founders we decide to back.

2021, we are finally confident and ready. Dwarves Ventures is officially on the map with our Fund 1.

What's going to happen in 2021

In 2020, our focus was to help founders build and grow their digital products, while internally clarifying our investment approaches. In 2021, we plan to continue doing so, but with more refinements and upgrades. Each and every of our effort will revolve around the promise of finding and funding more founders to create, launch and grow businesses.

A laser focus on technology

We realize through our pilot fund that with our background as makers, we were able to provide tremendous value when we devote ourselves to the tech space, given our background as tech makers.

For Fund 1, we will mainly invest in software/tech startups in their early stage, with a laser focus on setting startups to serve their customers and become profitable early on. We are also big on blockchain, but definitely not limited to it.

Transparent investment options

Rather than a big check which leaves founders having to figure out how to spend effectively, we bring our diverse expertise into the game instead. Typically, we support startups with investments up to $100k while more importantly, we get hands-on and help founders grow in three aspects: digital product, organization, and traction.

A founder-friendly VC

We understand the exhausting process of raising a round. That's why we prefer a more human-centric approach with our funding. We want founders to aim their focus at raising revenue and profit, instead of the next round of funding.

We have never been big on formality, bureaucracy or hierarchy. No 100-page pitch deck, no multiple meetings, no lengthy email threads. We will get in touch within 5 days, the next steps within 2 weeks, and an assigned representative to answer every question you might have if we decide to deal with you.

Applications are open all year long

We will not have a time frame for application. We welcome new investment opportunities every day of the year until we reach our capacity, and make an announcement about it.

Network & Community

Since day 1 of Dwarves Ventures, we have received a massive amount of reach-outs from almost every part of the startup ecosystem, from serial entrepreneurs, founders to industry experts and investors, asking how they could be a part of what we are doing.

Our community of makers is growing steadily, our network of strategic partners and advisors is spreading across verticals and industries. With our official launch, it is only right to put into action a system that maximizes the effectiveness of our network and community.

Makers and founders will have unlimited access to our perks and benefits, connections to experts and advisors, organizational and financial support from our team... just to name a few.

As a matter of fact, we are always actively seeking new partners to join us, so we could provide even more value to founders on their path to revenue/profit solidity.

In fewer words,

Dwarves Ventures will not be the “here’s a massive check, go do your thing” kind of VCs. We will be the kind of VCs that invest and work together with founders, chasing profitable growth and scale.

Dwarves Ventures Fund 1 will mean a lot of hustle and bustle, as we roll out our new approaches and practices. If you want to keep up with us, sign up for our newsletter. (We never email unless we have something important and relevant to inform you.)

More importantly, if what we are doing resonates with you, we are always ready to talk.

We have a lot more to share. All updates will be on our website.