A partnership to us means combined and increased impact, innovation or influence.

Our ability to work at scale with partners places us in a unique position to develop new thinking. We work with our partners to find innovative solutions to challenges, whether at a country or international level, leveraging our global networks, expertise and trust to help them achieve their goals.


Empower innovative ideas is the lifestyle we choose.

And we are always welcome the like minded people to join us on this journey. A network with all the people who want to change the world would be really awesome.


Partnership is at the heart of everything we do.

Innovation is an ecosystem of attitude, mindset and culture. Building this mindset takes time. We would love to connect with companies and organizations that have the same mission as we do.

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We have been a part of local community where we operate

It's our pleasure to share a topic about what we've done, to sponsor or help organise a event for the tech community.
We are a part of Golang Vietnam, WeBuild Community

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We provide internship scholarship for talented students.

Take a look at our Summer Internship in 2018.
We partner with HCMUS, RMIT

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