The wisdom of crowds

No idea is too early. The earlier we can invest, the more helpful we can be.

Pitch Assist

The Fundraising Agency You Wish You Had
You’re up all hours sweating your PowerPoint.

Our team of design and content pros helps Dwarves companies improve their odds in the fundraising process — helping them craft a compelling narrative, set the right strategy and build a visual presentation that gets the job done.

Software & Data

Hacking to Get Founders
the Knowledge They Need

We build and expand our alumni Network, our platform that connects startup builders across the entire portfolio.

Suggestion for an iOS Development Firm?
Has anyone thought about how to improve Engineering Culture?
How much should we expect to pay the legal?


Making Hiring That Much Easier

Hiring is the hardest thing founders do, period. And in this crazy talent market it’s getting more grueling. The average founder dedicates 50% of their time to the task.

But our talent team is willing to share this heavy load, making intros to the best people we know for critical hires, rewriting job descriptions, walking through compensation strategies, and helping close win-win deals.

Hiring with Dwarves


Real stories. Real advice.

There’s fresh wisdom emerging everyday. We collect all of them in one place and turn people lessons into a playbook for entire startup community.

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